JFC ATV500T 500L Hydralic ATV Plastic Tipping Trailer


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This is the latest necessity to come from the team at JFC. The ATV500T Hydraulic Tipping Trailer is the popular ATV500 more demanding brother but with a simple hydraulic tip making poo-picking and disposing of a breeze. With each horse producing on average between 8- 12 droppings per day with several horses that can soon add up to a time consuming and heavy job for one person. So through customer demand JFC have designed the new ATV500T Hydraulic Tipping Trailer which is perfectly designed with two 4 Ply off road tyres and a heavy duty galvanised frame to ensuring the trailer is suited to harsh off road terrain.

This trailer is also perfect for any land estate, forestry or zoo even, where off-road terrain is travelled over on a daily basis.

The Key Features:
• Reinforced heavy duty galvanized chassis.
• Suitable for heavy loads up to 500kg.
• Tough & durable polyethylene body.
• Protective steel plate on front lip of body prevents damage on impact.
• Hydraulic tipping mechanism for tipping of loads (load capacity 500KG).
• Strengthened rugged axle complete with 4 Ply off road tyres and mud guards.
• Fitted with a lever ball hitch.

12v Hydraulic power pack specifications.
• Fused at 60A.
• 800W Motor.
• 145 Bar Pressure.
• Working Load of 500KG.
• 2 Litre oil capacity.

The connection to the ATV battery is with 2 x 8mm ring terminals, and the connection to the trailer is an Anderson connector.

Pan body is black:
Dimensions (mm) – 2195L x 1364W x 966H
Capacity 500KG. Weight – 120KG



JFC Agri


500L (500kg)


L: 2195mm x W: 1364mm x H: 966mm


12V Hydraulic Power Pack that connects to the ATV's battery. The connection to the ATV battery is with 2 x 8mm ring terminals, and the connection to the trailer is an Anderson connector.

Wheel Type

4-Ply pneumatic wheels with roller bearings

Hitch Type

50mm Ball Hitch

Country of Manufacture

Proudly made in Britain. - Placeholder Proudly made in Britain.

Made in Britain


12 months manufacturer's warranty

JFC ATV500T Hydraulic ATV Tipping Trailer

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