SCH TS98 Towed Sweeper Collector


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The TS98 lawn sweeper is robust in construction to withstand prolonged heavy use. British built by SCH with parts of the highest standard, this is probably the best value and one of the most effective sweepers on the market.

The sweeper may be used for grass collection after mowing, leaf collection and other garden debris. To achieve the best results when hard surface sweeping, a rubber strip can be fitted at time of manufacture (see accessories below).

The brush shaft is split in the centre acting as a differential. Therefore each drive wheel powers the sweeper brushes giving twice the performance and efficiency compared with one free wheel. The stainless steel brush shaft differential has an advanced method with grease nipple and spiral machined into the connecting pin for even distribution of grease.

Four rows of brushes, which are mounted on a hardwood stock, can be replaced once worn out by simply bolting new brushes directly onto the drive shaft without having to disturb the drive gear mechanism. If the sweeper is set at the correct height, the bristle tips just sit a fraction above the surface of the ground and will last a long time.

The all-metal drive mechanism is very durable for prolonged heavy use. The drive gears are less likely to strip apposed to nylon gears used in cheaper versions.

• Differential mechanism provides twice the performance and efficiency and prevents the scuffing of grass when turning a tight corner
• Four rows of polypropylene brushes increase sweeper performance
• Height adjustment lever helps lift the brushes, especially when manoeuvring the sweeper to place of storage
• Easy to empty large-capacity catcher is moulded from solid plastic which is rot and tear proof
• Easier reversing due to two wheels being in contact with the ground
• Tow bar is adjustable for height to accommodate different draw bar heights, also helping to adjust the sweeper to its correct operating angle, ie: parallel to the ground
• Clevis hitch fitted as standard, however, other couplings such as a ball hitch can easily be fitted if required



SCH (Supplies) Ltd

Working Width

915mm (36")

Hopper Capacity



1350mm (51") overall width x 1700mm (67") overall length with tow bar



Hitch Type

Clevis hitch as standard (ball hitch optional)

Country of Manufacture

Proudly made in Britain. - Placeholder Proudly made in Britain.

Made in Britain


12 months manufacturer's warranty

About SCH (Supplies) Ltd

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Sticking to their roots, British manufacturer SCH Supplies Ltd follow old-school engineering techniques to create highly durable products which are simple to service and maintain.

Since 1986, SCH have led the way in robust attachments for ride-on mowers, ATVs and compact tractors. They are famed for their robust designs which favour strongly welded steel and simple, durable construction. All of their products come fully assembled, so that you can use them on the day that they arrive without hassle.

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