Unique Features of the SCH RR3 Rotor Rake Scarifier

The SCH RR3 is a powered rotary raker, with a working width of 76 centimetres. The raker efficiently removes thatch and moss from your lawn, making it more resistant to drought, insects, and disease problems. By removing this later of thatch, the grassed area will regenerate naturally and become more receptive to fertilisers and other pest and disease control products. The Rotary Rakers reliable 5.5 horsepower Honda petrol engine features two twin ‘V’ belts, which drive four rows scarifying blades. The blades are staggered to give excellent coverage over the ground, and their free-floating design allows the blades to move out of the way if they contact a rock or stone. The RR3 is perfect for areas that are inaccessible to the garden tractor, as the unit can be manually operated with an easily attachable handle, which is provided as standard. It is surprisingly easy to push by hand, as the spinning rotor blades provide a small amount of forward propulsion as they perform the dethatching process. The rotors ground-clearance height is easily adjustable, and should be positioned just above ground level to avoid scalping. With the thatch removed, the grass will grow healthier and thicker. For best results, the thatch should be collected and disposed.
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