Agri-Fab 45-0545 80kg Towed Spiker Seeder

Agri-Fab 45-0545

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A versatile, two-in-one unit, the Agri-Fab 45-0301 makes it possible to aerate and seed simultaneously (fertiliser, herbicides and lime can also be applied). As a result, you’ll not only get the job done a great deal faster, but you’ll also save a great deal of space in the storage area.

The Agri-Fab 45-0301 Pro Aerator Drop / Spreader employs a set of 12 seven-inch diameter spike wheels that cut tiny slits in the surface-pan, in turn allowing water, light and nutrients to access the root system. Its robust build quality, corrosion-proof polyethylene hopper and chain-driven transmission all work to ensure a lengthy product life.

This professional model’s 42-inch working-width and 175lbs hopper make it suitable for areas of up to 40,000sq. ft (roughly half-an-acre). It has smooth-running rib-tread wheels, and it’s supplied with a universal link-pin, so it can be used with ride-on lawn mowers from any manufacturer.




Hopper Capacity

17 Gallons / 79kg (175lbs)

Spread Width

107cm (42")

Hopper Material

Rust-resistant poly

Wheel Type

10" flat-free tyres

Aeration Stars

10 Galvanised steel spike disks for thorough aeration

Overall Dimension

W: 54" x L: 34.8 x H: 22.3"

Hitch Type

Clevis Hitch


5 Year Limited Warranty

About Agri-Fab

Lawn Care Made Easy

Agri-Fab® attachments are designed for homeowners who want beautiful gardens yet want the job to be quick and easy.

Agri-Fab are dedicated to building quality and durability into the products they make. We can assure you that their products are made with the very best components to insure lasting performance. As proof of this commitment, all A-F lawn care products contain a limited five-year warranty. You can always be sure when purchasing an Agri-Fab® product that it will provide you with years of service as well as making your lawn beautiful and its care easy.

To save you money, Agri-Fab products require some assembly. This assembly is designed to be very easy and straightforward, allowing you to use your product without delay. As one of the UK's most distributed lawn care brand, Agri-Fab are well known and loved throughout the country.

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