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Put your mind at ease with our replacement part support

  • 50,000+ parts stocked across the UK
  • Spares readily available for all machines
  • Britain's lowest prices on replacement parts
  • Hassle-free ordering process

All our machines have spare part support, and we provide spares at the country's lowest prices. On top of this, our machines have been so rigorously tested that we only need to send out less than 1 spare part for every 100 products sold annually.

How to order a replacement part

For the quickest help and advice, please email us at sales@zaros.co.uk with photographs of the part requiring replacement or message us via the form below.

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How do we keep our spare parts so well-priced?

Other companies rely on numerous spare part sales on inferior machines to survive. As our machines seldom go wrong, we are not reliant on spare part sales, and therefore, we can offer spares at a significantly lower rate than competitors. We refuse to overcharge on spare parts, as a thank you for shopping with us.

Item Cost
Item Cost
What others charge for spares
What we charge for spares

As we break even on spares and parts, we typically only provide our A+ spare parts support to customers who have bought their machines from us directly. However, whether you've bought from us or not, get in contact, and we will help if we can.

Still Under Warranty?

Check out our warranty page to clearly see what is and isn't covered, and how we can help you.

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