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Have no fear, warranties are here!

Due to the robust nature of our machinery, warranty claims are in the low single digits per 1,000 machines sold, but despite the improbability that anything will go wrong, we want to make it clear that you're in safe hands.

We take all claims seriously, and we are here to help get your machine up and running as soon as possible.

How to Submit a Warranty Claim

For the quickest help and advice, please email us at sales@zaros.co.uk with photographs of the part requiring replacement or message us via the form below.

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What does the warranty cover?

To keep things simple, our manufacturer warranties can be summarised below:

What is covered

  • Faulty parts.
  • Poor workmanship.

What isn't covered

  • Consumable parts, such as worn belts, blades or tyres.
  • Damage due to improper use / negligence.

Improper use / negligence is determined case-by-case by the manufacturer - an example is someone reversing a trailer into a post, which would not be a valid claim. So, as long as you're sensible and abide by the manual, you'll be covered!

Replacement Parts

Most parts are kept in stock ready for dispatch, so if anything does go wrong, you'll be up and running again a few days later.

If the parts are covered under warranty, they will be sent to you entirely for free, and if they aren't covered, they will be at the lowest possible price. Take a look at our Spares & Parts page to find out more.

Engine Warranty

Many of our machines are fitted with engines. All engines come with a warranty, and they abide by the same general rules as above.

Engine warranty claims are rectified by the repair network belonging to the engine's manufacturer. Your nearest warranty repair centre will help with any problems, and work will be carried out free of charge if there is a manufacturing fault.

We are happy to guide you through this process. All you need in order to claim on an engine is proof of purchase, which can be given in the form of the receipt that you receive from us.

We're on Your Side

Like all machines in this industry, the manufacturer will fulfil the warranty claim. Not only will the manufacturer help you when submitting a warranty claim, but we are on your side to liaise with the manufacturer and ensure that your claim is dealt with promptly and fairly.

Our customers (yes, you) are our priority, and this is especially true when it comes to warranty claims. We pride ourselves on our repeat and loyal customer base, and we will help keep your equipment in full working order for years to come.

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