Leaves & Logs

Machinery and attachments to manage leaves and logs.

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12 Hedge Cutters

Hedge Cutters - Placeholder Hedge Cutters

Hedge cutting mowers for compact tractors.

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23 Sweepers & Collectors

Collectors - Placeholder Collectors

Our Sweepers and Collectors will help keep your grassed areas, flowerbeds and hardstand free of leaves and debris. Professional and powerful towed units.

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18 Log Splitters

Log Splitters - Placeholder Log Splitters

Log splitters for use with compact tractors.

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11 Wood Chippers

Chippers - Placeholder Chippers

Wood chippers to reduce wood into smaller woodchips.

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Trailers - Placeholder Trailers

Trailers for moving timber and leaves.

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2 Stump Grinders

Stump Grinders - Placeholder Stump Grinders

Stump grinders remove a stump by cutting the wood down until the stump is gone. As it cuts, the stump is turned into sawdust or mulch material that is easy to remove from your garden or yard.

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4 Firewood Processors

Firewood Processors - Placeholder Firewood Processors

Firewood Processors combine cutting, splitting, and loading into one operation

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2 Saw Bench's

Saw Bench - Placeholder Saw Bench

Robust Machine for Sawing wood with ease.