Longdog BOB1520 Bracken o'Bliterator

Longdog BOB1520

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Crushing bracken diminishes re-growth and spread. The Bracken o’Bliterator works by crushing the bracken stalks, causing the sap to bleed and the rhizomes to be starved of nutrition. The result is a much weaker re-growth, as the plant can’t replenish itself by taking nutrients back down the stem. Crushing can be done up to late July. Best results achieved when the fronds have fully opened and the plant has expended most energy. Later crushing is still beneficial although the effect will be less, as the plant will have begun to replenish and store nutrients.

In rocky and rough terrain it is advisable to crush early before the cover gets too dense and the ground difficult to negotiate. In this instance it may be necessary to repeat later on in the season.

• Large 500mm diameter roller
• Robust steel frame
• Supplied with 50mm ball hitch attachment
• 10 crushing bars per rotation
• Greasable roller bearings
• Off settable drawbar
• Suitable as a primary or follow up treatment
• Instantly ready to use
• No chemicals

With transport kit: BOB1520T
Working width: 1520mm
Weight: 170kg
Overall Width: 2300mm



Longdog ATV

Working Width


Roller Diameter

500mm large diameter roller for easier towing

Frame Type

Robust Steel Frame


Off Settable

Crushing Bars

10 Crushing Bars per rotation

Greasable Roller Bearings


Suitable As a Primary Or Follow Up Treatment


Ready To Use


Chemicals Needed

No Chemicals

Overall Weight


Country of Manufacture

Proudly made in Britain. - Placeholder Proudly made in Britain.

Made in Britain


12 months manufacturer's warranty

About Longdog ATV

British Made to Last Longer

British based Longdog ATV Equipment include Road Legal Trailers; Off Road Trailers; Rotary Topper; Ballast Roller; Bracken o’Bliterator; Sheep Feeder and Drag Harrows: a comprehensive range of machinery to meet the needs of the ATV operator.

Longdog machinery is built by D W Tomlin, a horticultural and farm machinery manufacturer which has been established for over 60 years. Over this period it has grown to meet today's demands for service whilst maintaining traditional values and quality.

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