Longdog SF350 Snacker Sheep Feeder

Longdog SF350

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The Snacker Sheep Feeder is the accepted professional way to feed sheep outside. The adjustable feed dispenser drops feed in heaps of between 0.5kgs to 2kgs at regular intervals. This method eliminates pushing and shoving, encouraging shy feeders and making life more pleasant for the sheep.

It has no electrics, and a simple ball hitch attachment enables easy changing of towing vehicle. With no troughs to move, the feeding site can easily be altered to avoid poaching and make the most of shelter, saving the stockman time and hassle.

• Simple mechanically driven rotating drum
• No electrics, low maintenance
• Fully galvanised frame
• Enclosed plastic hopper with integral lid
• Mudguards and sheep fenders fitted as standard
• Approx 350 litre capacity (approx 320kgs)
• Swivel hitch for extra safety
• Flotation tyres size 22 x 11 x 8
• Unladen weight 162kgs



Longdog ATV

Drum Type

Simple Mechanically Driven Rotating Drum

Maintenance Level

Low - no electrics

Frame Type

Fully Galvanised

Hopper Type

Enclosed Plastic Hopper with Integral Lid


Mudguards and Sheep Fenders fitted as standard


Approx. 350 litre (320 kgs)

Swivel Hitch

Yes - for extra safety

Tyre Type

Flotation Tyres

Tyre Size

22 x 11 x 8

Country of Manufacture

Proudly made in Britain. - Placeholder Proudly made in Britain.

Made in Britain


12 months manufacturer's warranty

About Longdog ATV

British Made to Last Longer

British based Longdog ATV Equipment include Road Legal Trailers; Off Road Trailers; Rotary Topper; Ballast Roller; Bracken o’Bliterator; Sheep Feeder and Drag Harrows: a comprehensive range of machinery to meet the needs of the ATV operator.

Longdog machinery is built by D W Tomlin, a horticultural and farm machinery manufacturer which has been established for over 60 years. Over this period it has grown to meet today's demands for service whilst maintaining traditional values and quality.

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