Quad-X 1.2m Aerator

Quad-X GAR-GA11-A

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Aerators are used extensively by greenkeepers and organic farmers as they allow surface water to drain, stimulating root growth and encouraging absorption of nutrients into the soil for better grass growth.

The blades are specially designed to allow oxygen to get to the roots which helps to improve growth rates for higher yields and enhance grazing quality.

This system is unique in that you don’t have to buy special weights for this machine.

This unique staggered blade arrangement ensures only a small number of blades enter the ground at once, putting less load on your quad and reducing horse power needed and giving lower fuel costs.

• Steel Blades- strong & durable
• Staggered blade design
• Tapered and sloped blade for cleaner slit exit, with less sod lift







Staggered steel blades with tapered and sloped blade for cleaner slit exit.

Hitch Type

Ball hitch as standard (clevis hitch optional)

Country of Manufacture

Proudly made in Britain. - Placeholder Proudly made in Britain.

Made in Britain


12 months manufacturers' parts warranty

About Quad-X

Machinery Made For You

Quad-X manufactures a range of ATV accessories and quad equipment suited to the agricultural industry, landscapers, amenities, smallholders and the equestrian market. The innovative range caters for grass care, weed control, and livestock care needs.

Their business success has been based on the design and development of superior products to make our customers everyday jobs easier with a service to exceed customers expectations. Quad-X products ensure you get the full potential out of your ATV investment.

Quad-X has evolved from humble beginnings, based on the family farm where a young engineer started the business as a small ATV service and repair workshop. Quad-X is a privately owned business, in operation since 1993, located in County Antrim, Northern Ireland near the Glens of Antrim.

Manufacturing started with sowers, trailers, sprayers & booms and yard scrapers, expanding into a larger range of quad accessories including herbicide applicators, mowers and other specialists equestrian equipment. Quad-X are now one of the leading manufacturers of quad accessories in Europe. Quad-X was shaped by a vision, where a dream has been turned into a range of outstanding products.

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