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Quad-X GMG-GA11-A

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IMPORTANT: Before ordering this item the customer must ensure they can unload from the delivery driver using their own forklift, loader or telehandler equipment, or have it delivered nearby to someone that does.

Due to the increased use of synthetic materials such as rubber and fibre surface mixes, the focus and development of this machine has been on much more than just levelling the arena.

While most current systems use trailing tines, Quad-x engineers have challenged this with their advanced protruding conditioner that lifts compacted subsurface material and aerates this to the surface. Superb surface condition results have been achieved due to specially shaped advanced break up. The conditioners also remain in the material even with much larger break out forces associated with freezing conditions.

With an improved larger capacity, the levelling blades allow more material to be carried, especially useful for dealing with material build up around the edges. The smooth profile of the blades where contact with the surface is made allows for a much smoother finish.

The adjustable rear spiral crumble roller ensures that more than one edge is touching the ground at any one time, providing a light unsymmetrical compaction system that doesn’t seal the surface. This allows free drainage, and assists in maximising hoof support.

Optional Rear Crumb Roller
• Asymmetrical design in 2 sections
• Leaves pattern in sand, to assist with drainage and hoof support
• Lightweight and sturdy
• This unique design used the weight of machine to rest on the crumble roller for max impact
• 5 height settings
• Sealed Bearings – more durable to prevent against sand penetration
• Can be locked in an upright position, to add extra weight to tines.

Pull to lower into work mode:
• Large easy to use lever to switch between work and travel modes with having to readjust height settings:
• Push down to raise into transport mode
• Pull up to lower into work more
• Easy to use
•Little force required, but not easy to hit by mistake

Adjustable Angled Wing Blade:
• For grading the edges to provide a 1 pass finish
• Adjustable angle easily positioned using a new locking design
• 5 settings
• Easy to use. Spring bolt assist – No tools required. Simply pull spring and move
• Heavy duty castor to assist with grading round objects and edges to protect the blade from damage
• Shorter wings to reduce twisting pulling forces

• 14 Heavy duty high tensile steel double sprung, dual prong tines –with 28 contact points with subsurface
• Adjustable height
• Forward facing – Better break up than trailing tine
• Better for frozen conditions, more break up

IMPORTANT: The rear spiral roller is an optional extra. Please select it in the dropdown options menu if required.




Working Width


Paint Finish

Durable powder coated finish


Folds up for storage/transport (rear crumble roller must be removed)

Levelling Blade

Smoothing bottom edges acts as an iron. Easily adjustable height with infinite height settings between min/max height

Wheel Type

Wide 15-6×6 tyres to avoid sinking. Wheels can be locked up to use the Grader without the tyres following the ground

Hitch Type

Ball hitch as standard (clevis hitch optional)

Country of Manufacture

Proudly made in Britain. - Placeholder Proudly made in Britain.

Made in Britain


12 months manufacturers' parts warranty

About Quad-X

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Quad-X manufactures a range of ATV accessories and quad equipment suited to the agricultural industry, landscapers, amenities, smallholders and the equestrian market. The innovative range caters for grass care, weed control, and livestock care needs.

Their business success has been based on the design and development of superior products to make our customers everyday jobs easier with a service to exceed customers expectations. Quad-X products ensure you get the full potential out of your ATV investment.

Quad-X has evolved from humble beginnings, based on the family farm where a young engineer started the business as a small ATV service and repair workshop. Quad-X is a privately owned business, in operation since 1993, located in County Antrim, Northern Ireland near the Glens of Antrim.

Manufacturing started with sowers, trailers, sprayers & booms and yard scrapers, expanding into a larger range of quad accessories including herbicide applicators, mowers and other specialists equestrian equipment. Quad-X are now one of the leading manufacturers of quad accessories in Europe. Quad-X was shaped by a vision, where a dream has been turned into a range of outstanding products.

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