Quad-X Power Shredder Flail Mower - Width 1.5m

Quad-X MFL-GA31-A

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IMPORTANT: The Quad-X Power Shredder comes with 2 wheels as standard. Please select the 'Double Bogie Wheels' option for the 4 wheel model.

The Power Shredder is a unique machine designed and developed for outstanding performance in extremely dense vegetation, and gives a more effective result than any flail.

It can reach wet / steep areas that your tractor can’t. With the Power Shredder running in excess of 1000RPM more than a tractor flail, this high speed combined with a specially developed ‘High Flow’ rotor can achieve remarkable results in vegetation up to 6ft / 1.8m in height.

With a number of material and design innovations, no other manufacturer has been able to produce an ATV mower with such impressive capabilities.

Quad-X have developed the Power Shredder as existing ATV mowers on the market aren’t capable in lough areas, fens, marshes, swamps and bogs which can be home to extremely dense 5-6ft bull rushes/reeds or dense heather, which have become commonplace in wetland areas. The Quad-X Power Shredder will give outstanding results in these areas!

The main challenge in wetland management is preventing invasion by woody plants such as willow and alder and involves cutting and scrub clearance to maintain them. The Power Shredder mulches the material to aid with a faster rate of decomposition which can help boost the fertility of the ground.

Managing rushes and scrub is extremely important, especially with the risk of losing out on your single farm payment so it is vital to keep on top of your rushes. It has also been discovered that cut rushes contain 70% NPK value of farmyard manure. The finely shredded rushes fertilise your ground to help boost grass growth and profitability.

The double bogie option is useful in particularly damp areas to minimise damage to the ground, which is key in conservation and restoration situations. Heavy machinery can often do more harm than good in wetland areas and and therefore a quad or UTV teamed with the Power Shredder that can do the job more effectively whilst also having less of an impact on the ground.

The double bogie wheels allow for a smoother travel on rough ground which gives a more efficient cut.




Engine Sizes

The Quad-X Power Shredder comes with a commercial Briggs & Stratton V-Twin engine which carry a 3 year warranty as standard. You can choose from a range of sizes depending on what density of vegetation you are cutting.

Cutting Width

1.5m (5ft)

Innovative Deck Design

By using 3-D finite element analysis on the deck we have been able to design the mower for maximum strength and minimum weight, making it easier to tow and reducing tyre indentation on the ground surface.

High Speed Rotor

With the Quad-X Power Shredder running in excess of 1000RPM more than a tractor flail, this high speed combined with a specially designed ‘High Flow’ rotor can achieve remarkable results in extremely dense vegetation.

Unique Blade Design

The Quad-X Power Shredder is equipped with innovative special rush blades as standard which allow you to shred in heavy rushes, or areas of bracken or heather.

Adjustable Cutting Height

The Quad-X Power Shredder boasts the infinite cutting height adjustable, from 30mm to 250mm to suit various types of vegetation, and allows you to work with even the tallest weeds.

Adjustable Offset Function

Adjustable offset drawbar to position your machine to suit whatever particular job you are working at such as maintaining field borders.

Flotation Tyres

The Quad-X Power Shredder come as standard with 22-11*8 flotation tyres which are ideal for use on soft and wet areas of ground.

Double Bogie (Optional)

If some areas are extremely wet check out our optional double bogie for increased stability on wet areas.

Optional Break Bar

An optional Break Bar™ is available which helps to flatten down the vegetation to help guide it through the mower blades for a more effective and finer chop. The break bar is very effective if cutting in heavy rushes.

Rear Roller (Optional)

An optional Rear Roller is fitted behind the machine and acts to roll out what has been cut to leave a clean finish.

Country of Manufacture

Proudly made in Britain. - Placeholder Proudly made in Britain.

Made in Britain


12 months manufacturers' parts warranty

Quad X Power Shredder

Quad-X ATV Rush Power Shredder

About Quad-X

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Quad-X manufactures a range of ATV accessories and quad equipment suited to the agricultural industry, landscapers, amenities, smallholders and the equestrian market. The innovative range caters for grass care, weed control, and livestock care needs.

Their business success has been based on the design and development of superior products to make our customers everyday jobs easier with a service to exceed customers expectations. Quad-X products ensure you get the full potential out of your ATV investment.

Quad-X has evolved from humble beginnings, based on the family farm where a young engineer started the business as a small ATV service and repair workshop. Quad-X is a privately owned business, in operation since 1993, located in County Antrim, Northern Ireland near the Glens of Antrim.

Manufacturing started with sowers, trailers, sprayers & booms and yard scrapers, expanding into a larger range of quad accessories including herbicide applicators, mowers and other specialists equestrian equipment. Quad-X are now one of the leading manufacturers of quad accessories in Europe. Quad-X was shaped by a vision, where a dream has been turned into a range of outstanding products.

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