SCH DMF Mounted Frame for D System (Essential for use with all 60" attachments)


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IMPORTANT: This 60" carrier frame must be purchased in order to use the SCH 60" attachments. The D Turf Care System is built around the carrying frame.

Ideal for use on paddocks, golf courses, football pitches, race tracks etc. This system gives the advantages and all the benefits of aeration and slitting, allowing air into roots to assist drainage and slow down the build up of thatch.

The frame has a category 1 three point linkage tractor mounted as standard, other categories can be supplied. A weight tray is incorporated in the design which gives a facility to add top weight to gain required penetration. This tray is also extremely useful for the transportation of tools etc. For safety purposes a rear mesh guard cover is fitted. The floating roller will push back any plucked divots without closing the penetrations. An adjustable scraper bar is fitted to the rear of the roller.

The complete range of attachments for the D Turf Care System consists of:
• DAM Aerator
• DSM Slitter
• DHTC Hollow Tine Corer
• DSM2 Slitter with replaceable tines
• DDTC Dethatching Rake
• DSR Sorrel Roller

The 4-Leg Frame Stand shown on the last product image is an optional extra. The stand isn't an essential item, as the attachments are robust and can support the weight of the DMF without assistance.



SCH (Supplies) Ltd

Overall Width

1780mm (70")

Maximum Ballasted Weight


Hitch Type

Category 1 three-point linkage (other categories available on request)

Country of Manufacture

Proudly made in Britain. - Placeholder Proudly made in Britain.

Made in Britain


12 months manufacturer's warranty

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