SCH HTTR 1000kg Hydraulic Tipping Trailer with Run-Up Ramp


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The SCH HTTR is the largest of SCH's tipping trailers, boasting a bed size 1.2m wide by 1.8m long. The large aluminium chequer-plate ramp allows the user to push a wheelbarrow up onto the platform, which is an essential feature for many equestrian centres and smallholdings who have a muck-heap far from the paddocks/stables.

The powerful hydraulic ram can easily lift 1 tonne and is powered by either a manual pump, an electric pump, or from your tractors 1 or 2 line hydraulic system. The trailers ramp is easily removed for the tipping operation. A safety locking-pin pulls out, and the ramp slides off. A handle, either side of the ramp is welded on for ease-of-use.

The front jackleg and two rear prop stands give the trailer stability, even when not attached to a towing vehicle. This means that you can use the towing vehicle for other tasks, or can store the towing vehicle somewhere safe, while the trailer is available outside for farm / equestrian helpers to use.

Durable and weather-resistant 18mm phenyl-coated plywood clads the trailer. The aluminium chequer-plate on the ramp adds durability, strength and is anti-slip.

The oversized flotation wheels keep the trailer from getting bogged down in wet and marshy ground.

The trailer can be used as a flatbed if required. The mesh extension sides are easy to remove, and the wooden sides can either drop-down or remove entirely.

Unlike many other tipping trailers, this trailer has an almost-vertical incline when the hydraulic ram is at its maximum. This ensures all of the contents will tip out of the back.

Contact us if you require any alterations on the standard model that are not available in the options.

IMPORTANT: This trailer is sold exclusively by Zaros Machinery.
IMPORTANT: This trailer, and all of SCH's wooden trailers are off-road only.



SCH (Supplies) Ltd


1000kg (1 tonne) / 2,000L

Power System

Manual pump / electric pump / tractor 1-line or 2-line. (manual pump as standard).

Bed Size

L: 180cm (72") x W: 122cm (48") x H: 91cm x 36" with mesh sides.


Yes - hydraulic

Wheel Type

20x10-8 Flotation wheels, 4-stub with ball bearing & steel hubs.


W: 122cm (48") x H: 122cm (48"). Removable with aluminium chequer-plate surface.

Jack Stands

1 Screw-jack stand mounted on the axle. 2 drop-prop stands mounted onto the sides.


Approximately 240kg

Off-road Only

This trailer is not road legal.

Hitch Type

Ball hitch as standard (clevis hitch optional)

Country of Manufacture

Proudly made in Britain. - Placeholder Proudly made in Britain.

Made in Britain


12 months manufacturer's warranty

About SCH (Supplies) Ltd

British Products for Outdoor People

Sticking to their roots, British manufacturer SCH Supplies Ltd follow old-school engineering techniques to create highly durable products which are simple to service and maintain.

Since 1986, SCH have led the way in robust attachments for ride-on mowers, ATVs and compact tractors. They are famed for their robust designs which favour strongly welded steel and simple, durable construction. All of their products come fully assembled, so that you can use them on the day that they arrive without hassle.

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