SCH IGU Irrigation Pump Unit


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IMPORTANT: Hose is not supplied unless purchased separately.

This SCH irrigation unit is extremely useful for ground watering of young trees, shrubs, etc, from static water sources, ponds, lakes or holding tanks. It can also be used as a 'first aid' fire pump.

The 2" pump with its Honda engine can deliver up to 110 gallons per minute. The flow is adjustable.

The reel on the IGU will accommodate 80 metres of 1" hose or 120 metres of ¾" hose.



SCH (Supplies) Ltd





Flow Rate

110 gallons per minute

Hose Reel Capacity

80m (1") or 120m (3/4") not included

Country of Manufacture

Proudly made in Britain. - Placeholder Proudly made in Britain.

Made in Britain


12 months manufacturer's warranty

About SCH (Supplies) Ltd

British Products for Outdoor People

Sticking to their roots, British manufacturer SCH Supplies Ltd follow old-school engineering techniques to create highly durable products which are simple to service and maintain.

Since 1986, SCH have led the way in robust attachments for ride-on mowers, ATVs and compact tractors. They are famed for their robust designs which favour strongly welded steel and simple, durable construction. All of their products come fully assembled, so that you can use them on the day that they arrive without hassle.

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