SCH PSP 30L Power Sprayer - 36" Spray Width


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The SCH PSP power sprayer has proved a very popular unit, versatile and easy to operate.

The sprayer has a maximum capacity of 30 litres and is mounted on a three wheel robust tray chassis. The two leading wheels are pneumatic; the rear castor wheel acts as a line marker. The pump is a 12 volt diaphragm pump powered from its own integral battery (a charger is supplied with each machine). The average spray time per battery charge is approximately 5 hours normal spray use (3.5 hours intermittent); this is for continuous spraying so on/off time, refill and movement actions will enhance the overall spray time.

A pressure gauge and a bypass regulator are fitted for the hand lance. The pump is run on a pressure system which means when the spray is shut off, the pump shuts down; open and the pump restarts.

The low to ground four nozzle boom minimises drift and therefore close to edge work can be carried out.

A brass trigger lance is supplied for spot spraying. The handles are adjustable to suit the operator. A tow bar is supplied with each machine.

Optional Extras:
• Spray boom cover
• Dribble bar
• Extension to brass hand lance
• Delivery hose
• Wider spray coverage booms
• Pumps up to 18 litres per minute output can be fitted



SCH (Supplies) Ltd

Spray Width

91.5cm (36")

Tank Capacity

30 litres


12V diaphragm powered by integral battery

Pump Delivery

7 litres per minute (open flow)

Maximum Pressure

2.4 bar

Wheel Size

400 x 4 pneumatic rear marker castor



Country of Manufacture

Proudly made in Britain. - Placeholder Proudly made in Britain.

Made in Britain


12 months manufacturer's warranty

PSP Power Sprayer

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Since 1986, SCH have led the way in robust attachments for ride-on mowers, ATVs and compact tractors. They are famed for their robust designs which favour strongly welded steel and simple, durable construction. All of their products come fully assembled, so that you can use them on the day that they arrive without hassle.

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