Unique Features Of The SCH FM48 Towed Flail Mower

The SCH FM48 is a powerful, towed, flail mower with a working width of 1.22 meters.

The reliable 13 horsepower Honda engine with electric start drives two ‘V’ belts, which rotate the 42 chain link flails.

SCH FM48 48 inch Flail Mower Pictured: SCH FM48 48" Flail Mower

A one piece roller is mounted at the rear of the mower; this ensures the flails are always lifted above the highest peaks on uneven ground to alleviate scalping. The roller can be easily raised or lowered; allowing you to fine tune the cutting height.

The roller yields a much neater finish than an open backed mower, and doubles as a safety guard from the flails.

SCH FM48 48 inch Flail Mower Pictured: SCH FM48 Rear View on Roller

When transporting the mower to and from storage, the two side wheels can be lowered using a central screw jack; this action lifts the roller off the ground, allowing faster and easier transport.

As the wheels are designed to be lifted out of use during operation, there is no risk of tire puncture when flailing thorny shrubs.

SCH FM48 48 inch Flail Mower Pictured: SCH FM48 Height Adjustment Jack

For safety, the engine emergency-stop switch and throttle are mounted on the tow bar, for easy access from the driver’s seat. The front of the flail mower features height adjustable skirt guards to stop the operators’ feet from being accidentally offered to the flails.

The tow bar can be positioned in the centre of the mower, or it can be offset when it’s desirable not to flatten the grass by running it over with the towing vehicle. To view our entire Flail Mower and Power Shredder range, please click here.

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