Wessex AR-120 1.2m ATV Rotary Mower

Wessex AR-120

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A Wessex AR-120 rotary ATV mower is the first choice for paddock topping & maintaining regularly mown grass areas. Well suited to general pasture topping or fine turf work, the Wessex AR quad bike mower is popular on farms, studs and private estates, and will complement an ATV, utility vehicle or 4 x 4. Standard machines are fitted with side-mounted wheels, which allow ground contours to be followed accurately without scalping. However, if a machine is required to mow close to borders and fences etc, the optional rear wheel configuration is available on the 1.2m and 1.5m models only. With wheels behind the machine, the weight on the ball hitch is greatly increased, therefore when using a rear wheeled machine, the towing vehicle must have adequate weight capacity on the drawbar. If the towing vehicle has inadequate drawbar capacity, the third wheel option is available. The entire weight of the AR quad bike mower is now on its own wheels and the drawbar is floating.

The drawbar can easily be off-set to one side, to allow the machine to cover one wheel of towing vehicle. All models of this ATV mower feature three overlapping rotors to eliminate uncut strips of grass and rigid cutterbar blades for durability.

Drive is transmitted to the rotors via two vee-belts and a centrifugal clutch. Both belts are tensioned simultaneously by one simple sliding action of the engine mounting bracket. The height of cut is set by repositioning the wheels by means of a spring-loaded pin mechanism on the wheel brackets. A turnbuckle on the drawbar allows the machine to be levelled at any cutting height.

• 5MM DECK – Shot-blasted and powder coated for durability
• SWIVELLING BALL HITCH – Satisfies Health and Safety recommendations
• TURN BUCKLE ON THE DRAWBAR – Levels the machine for an even cut
• DRAWBAR CAN BE OFFSET TO EITHER SIDE – Cut outside of the quad wheelings
• THROTTLE LEVER – Clips on to ATV rack for user convenience
• HEAVY DUTY BLADES WITH UPTURN ON TRAILING EDGE – Durability and strong suction effect
• 16 X 6.50-8 TYRES
• WHEELS IN-LINE WITH THE ROTORS – Very well balanced, minimal weight on drawbar and excellent ground contour following
• FRICTION WELDED SPINDLES – Run in heavy cast housings for maximum durability
• CENTRIFUGAL CLUTCH – Allows the blades to be engaged / disengaged from the seat
• SIMPLE BELT ADJUSTMENT – Both belts are tensioned simultaneously by one simple sliding action of the engine



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12 months manufacturer's warranty

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