Quad-X 5x3'3 Stock Trailer with Folding Sides

Reference: T53-GA21-A




IMPORTANT: Requires wheel and axle assembly upon delivery.

More than just a typical ‘Stock Trailer’!

This 5×3’3 quad trailer has been developed by our farm based engineers along with shepherds and general farming enterprises to provide a number of nice finishing touches that makes it more than ‘just a quad stock trailer.’

The fold down sides make it easy to convert it to a low sided general purpose trailer. These sides when folded down can also be used to carry hay bales or larger items, the advantage with this design is that with the sides in the down position they do not fall off during transport this allows you to maximise the loading capacity of the trailer using the folded sides as a loading platform.

Special Curves in the sides at the top that are slightly higher than normal to prevent wilder animals from attempting to jump out.

Technical Specification




3'3" - Slightly wider than most stock trailers for more capacity, it suits most new model ATV’s which are also wider than previous models


5ft excluding tow bar and hitch.


Aluminium non slip ramp, available with the option of a ramp door with integral swing door to make it easier to load individual animals, especially if there is other animals already in the trailer.

Steel Finish

This trailer is galvanised and comes equipped with a floor design to reduce animal foot slippage in transport.

Folding Sides

The side bars instead of mesh design makes it easier to tie large and awkward loads especially when sides are down in ‘wide load position’.

Hitch Type

Ball hitch


12 months manufacturers' parts warranty

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