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SCH QPTP 500kg Plastic Bodied Trailer ATV Wheels

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Robust 500kg Plastic-Bodied Trailer with Wide Profile Wheels


4 Star Review

2 reviews

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SCH QPTP 500kg Plastic Bodied Trailer Wide Profile Wheels
SCH QPTP 500kg Plastic Bodied Trailer Wide Profile Wheels
SCH QPTP 500kg Plastic Bodied Trailer Wide Profile Wheels
SCH QPTP 500kg Plastic Bodied Trailer Wide Profile Wheels
SCH QPTP 500kg Plastic Bodied Trailer Wide Profile Wheels

Navigate any terrain with ease using the SCH QPTP Trailer's wide profile wheels and robust chassis—ideal for horse muck & unfriendly grounds.

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Why buy the SCH QPTP 500kg Plastic Bodied Trailer ATV Wheels?


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SCH (Supplies) Ltd




500kg (10cwt)

Bed Size

L: 1350mm (53") x W: 830mm (32") x D: 400mm (16")



Wheel Type

10 x 10.8 with bearings

Overall Width

1150mm (45")

Hitch Type

Ball hitch as standard (clevis hitch optional)


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Made in Britain


12 months manufacturer's warranty + 3 month bonus when buying from Zaros Machinery.

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4 Star Review
4.0 / 5
2 reviews for the SCH QPTP
The SCH QPTP 500kg trailer has been brilliant
5 Star Review
5out of 5 stars
The SCH QPTP 500kg trailer has been brilliant, low pressure wide tyres go anywhere causing no damage and with huge capacity. Current rating 5/5, whether I feel that way if I get a puncture, I will let you know but haven’t had one yet!
Experienced Buyer
Reviewed after 1 year 5 months of use.
by Charles B
It happily carries a good load
3 Star Review
3out of 5 stars
The trailer is very good is some respects, it happily carries a good load, and the tyres let it float over the ground beautifully with little resistance, that's a great help in moving loads over soft ground. It seems to be lightly built, but this has not so far been a problem. There are two things which could be improved though. The easiest would be to alter the tipping lock so that it could be easily undone as the skip is tilted. As it is, you have to bend down to release it at the same time you need to stand up to lift the front of the body to tip it. Especially difficult with a heavy load. Secondly, if the load isn't light or dry, it is very difficult to empty. It's not an uncommon problem with similar trailers, but, when the skip is tipped, although the main part is well tilted, the rear section hardly slopes at all so it prevents the bulk of the load emptying itself. I find it usually has to be shovelled out which can be hard work and is definitely disappointing. Hinged falling sides would make the job easier but of course it would increase the price. The solution isn't straightforward, but would probably involve moving the skip and pivot point higher. Though this would raise the centre of gravity, the fact that the whole thing is very wide would reduce any problems arising. So, the machine has been of limited success and in certain circumstances I would recommend it, but for heavy work I would not, so I would give it 3 out or 5, though getting to full marks would not be difficult.
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Reply from the Zaros Team:
Thank you for your feedback, Dave. Loading the trailer body as evenly as possible is the primary way to overcome tipping difficulties. The pivot point is roughly central, so if the weight is balanced (or even slightly rear-heavy), then the lifting force from yourself is at a minimum. I appreciate that this isn't always possible, but it's helpful to keep in mind. Hinged sides require an entirely different style of trailer. For those after a hinged-side tipping trailer, look at the GWTS10 or GWTS15, also built by SCH.
Experienced Buyer
Reviewed after 1 year 11 months of use.
by Dave N
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